A comprehensive astronomy resource incorporating  Deep Sky
                                                                 star charts, observing logs, the entire Messier List, ephemeris
                                                                 and scope-field visualizations customized for YOUR telescope
                                                                 and observing location.    Valuable for manual star-hopping or
                                                                 computerized GOTO instruments.                                             

                                                                 You can also plan your observing sessions in advance with                
                                                                 a simple check-mark and produce a list of the night's targets.            
                                                                Many, many features for both basic and advanced observers.

                                                                OAC member-tested !!   Just ask us.

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Binocular Deep Sky Objects

An Introduction to Summer & Spring Deep Sky Objects
Binocular Deep Sky Objects

Binocular Messier Objects

Binocular Messier Objects


Currently Visible

Double Stars

Double Stars


Lunar Observing Log
The Lunar 100

Observing Logs & Drawings

OAC Observing Log 1
OAC Observing Log 2
OAC Drawing Sheet 1
OAC Drawing Sheet 2
OAC Drawing Sheet 3
Messier Recording Sheet

Telrad Charts

Messier Telrad Charts
Caldwell Telrad Charts