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November Meeting Minutes

13 people in attendance: 11 members (Two visitors were present – Mike and Mike)

Presentation: The Sky at a Glance
Bill Girardin gave presentation

1. Moon: First Quarter 10/19, Full 10/26, Last Quarter 11/1, New 11/9

Observations and Presentations

1. Dave Bailey gave a “pre-presentation” on the notion of Gravity Wells. More specifically, he was considering whether the force of a nuclear event was sufficient to overcome gravity. An object within a deep enough gravity well cannot be blown up by a nuclear reaction – the pieces will re-form the original object. A smaller well may allow some or all of the object to be blown up. MORE TO COME!

Dave also gave a teaser on what the definition of a planet ought to be, and whether Pluto (and possibly 37 other objects) satisfied the definition. This one got the juices flowing – even the visitors were jumping in. MORE TO COME on this one, too!

Past Events
1. Great Lakes Star Gaze, September 13th-16th (Thursday through Sunday), Gladwin County. Lots of club members attended, and were able to enjoy about 2˝ nights of viewing. The Milky Way was magnificent, and there were so many stars that star hopping became confusing (at least for some of us). I personally viewed the Crescent Nebula, the Horse Head Nebula (via an “I cubed” eyepiece), 3 of 5 of Stephan’s Quintet, the central stars of various nebula, and a great many standard favorites. There’s plenty of room – if you didn’t make it this year, consider it for 2008!

2. PBS Special “Seeing the Dark” September 19thNo viewers present.

3. “Astronomy on the Beach,” Kensington, September 21-22ndA number of folks attended from the club. The weather was good, and several thousand participants enjoyed the activities and the viewing.

4. Twin Lakes Star Party, West KY, October 6th-14thBill Barsuhn is rumored to have attended, but has not yet reported in.

5. Ortonville Scouts, Independence Oaks, October 6thAbout 35 kids attended, as well as many parents. Bill Macintosh led the charge along with several others, viewing Jupiter, various globular clusters, the Coat Hanger, M13, 57, 27, the Double Cluster, and so on.

6. Lake Orion Girl Scout Space Camp, near Lapeer, October 13thDave Holt worked with about 75 kids and about 25 adults. Viewing was constrained with only Dave’s scope, but he was able to get to Jupiter, M13, M81/82, etc.

Present Events
No report.

Future Events

1. Twin Lakes Star Party, West KY, October 6th-14th.
2. Lake OrionGirl Scut Space Camp, near Lapeer, Saturday October 13 50-70 scouts, 9 pm
3. Fall Independence Oaks Star Party: November 3rd 8-10 PM
4. Brooklands Elementary, November 8th ? Rochester Hills, Laura
5. Hugger Elementary, November 15th ?
6. 2008 Independence Oaks Star Parties: Feb 9th 8-10pm, May 10th 9-11pm, Aug 23rd 9-11pm, Nov 22nd 8-10pm.

Business Meeting
Financial Report: Bill Girardin gave report.

No report.

Next Meeting: November 11, 2007 7:30pm

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