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More Astronomy on the Beach at Kensington Pictures

C-14 with Solar Filter

Solar observing through a filtered Celestron 14" SCT.

Wooden Hand-made Scope

Many telescopes at Kensington are hand made, including this beauty.

Balloons over the Park

On Saturday, a pair of hot air balloons cruised by the beach.

Youngster Observing Balloon

One youngster uses Frank Busic's binoculars to check out the balloon

Don and Dave Setting Up

Don DeNatale and Dave Holt get set up for an evening of stargazing.

Don with Solar Filter

Don DeNatale purchased a solar filter at the event - it's getting first light right now!

Mark and Frank Consulting

Mark Webb and Frank Busic discuss the merits of a Meade 8" SCT.

Frank Busic with Pipe

A Dignified Frank Busic.

Sunset at the Park

The setting sun heralds the beginning of night, and an evening of Astronomy at the Beach!

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