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July 8, 2018

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  • The July meeting was at Dinosaur Hill location with video projector setup.  There was a potluck picnic starting at 6 PM.  Presentations: Bob Berta – Refractor Basics / Dave HoltReflector Collimation
  • Guests/visitors: 
  • The August meeting will be held as usual on the second Sunday,  August 12, 7-9 PM
 Past Events:  

      No Club events were scheduled, there was no Observing Report was received from Addison Oaks:  
Club Activities - Future
  • Ford Club Picnic & Viewing, Island Lake Rec Area; Saturday August 11, 4 PM, Spring Mill Pond
  • Great Lakes Star Gaze; September 6-9
  • Astronomy on the beach. Island Lake picnic grounds; 9/14-15/18
  • SEVEN PONDS ASTRONOMY CLUB- (click link)  John Lines invites OAC & Warren Club members to their observing events and activities.
  • Ford Multi-Club Picnic Island Lake       
  • Brandon Public Library (Indoor)           
  • Indpendence Oaks, Nature at Night        
  • Bald Mountain Rec Area (Meteors)        
  • Marshbank Campout, W Bloomfield      
  • Great Lakes Star Gaze                            
  • Astronomy on the Beach, Kensington     
  • Marshbank Star Party, W Bloomfield     
  • Red Oaks Nature Center, Madison Heights

Observing Night Contacts  -  Addison Oaks Site
These are nights for public and member viewing with the Club 17.5" scope available.   Designated members below should be contacted to meet at the site and open the gate to the observing deck.  Other dates by arrangement.    
            August 10,11 Gary Dietz (tentative) 248-425-5753
            September 7,8 Dana Tousley 248-841-6528                          
Bill Girardin's sent his monthly roundup (see below) given with video projections.

Sky at a glance


3-Aug moon S of Uranus

6-Aug moon N of Aldebaran

12-Aug Perseid Meteor shower moonless

17-Aug moon N of Jupiter

23-Aug moon N of Mars

27-Aug moon S of Neptune

30-Aug moon S of Uranus

Lunar Sturgeon (Ricing) moon

4-Aug Last 11-Aug New 18-Aug First
Interesting object to look for:

location 48 N

Planets Even/Morn Direction Brightness Location

MERCURY Dawn E MAG .7 Last week of August.

VENUS Dusk W MAG -4.4 Half hour after sunset

MARS Night SE MAG -2.8 Eastern edge of Sagittarius

JUPITER Night SW MAG -2.8 In Libra

SATURN Night S MAG .4 In NW Sagittarius

URANIS Night SE MAG 5.8 Pisces

NEPTUNE Night SE MAG 7.8 Eastern Aquarius.

18 21 UT
Interesting Objects

Constellation Name & Background

Object Type Distance Name

Alpha Star 2600LY Deneb
Sometimes called Northern Cross.

Beta Double 400LY Alberio
Zeus seduced Leda as swan

NGC 6826 PN 2000LY Blinking Nebula

M 29 OC 4KLY


Alpha Star 25LY Vega
Orpheus played lyre to bring Eurydice

Delta Double
from Underword

M 56 GC 32.9KLY

M 57 PN 2.3KLY Ring Nebula

The Fox
M 27 EN 1360LY Dumbbell Nebula
Johannes Hevelius invented constellation.

CR 399 Asterism
Coat Hanger Cluster
Originally called "Fox with Goose


Alpha Star 16.8LY Altair
Named by Mesopotamia stargazers1200 BC.

Carried Zeus'x thunderbolts.


M 11 OC 6KLY Wild Duck Cluster
Modern constellation named for king of Poland

M 26 OC 5KLY
"Shield of Sobieski".

Hevelius's financial backer.


Centaur - half man, Half horse.

M 24 SC 10KLY Small Sagittarius Star Cloud
Sumerian God of war

M 21 OC 4.25KLY
Arab astronomers thought it was ostriches

M 17 OC 5KLY Swan Nebula
drinking from milky way.

M 8 EN 4.1LY Lagoon Nebula

M 22 GC 10.6KLY

July Meeting Minutes     

Oakland Astronomy Club Monthly Meeting Minutes

July 08, 2018

D. Tousley, Secretary

Annual Potluck Picnic starting at 6:00
President Mark Jeffery called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. An agenda was provided to all
10 members and 1 guests were in attendance.

Observations & Presentations
Bob Berta – Refractor Basics / Dave Holt – reflector collimation

Observing Night Contacts
View through the club’s 17.5” Dobsonian Scope at the Addison Oaks County Park, or bring your own.
Call the numbers listed below to verify viewing opportunities. (Weather permitting, one of the two nights will be chosen)

July 13-14 Dana Tousley 248.841.6528
Aug 3-4 Tom Hagen 248.650.8951
Aug 10-11 Gary Dietz 248.425.5753 (tentative)

Upcoming Events
Warren Astro Society Picnic/Viewing, Camp Rotary, July 21 4:00 pm, Wolcott Mill Metropark
Ford Club Picnic/Viewing, Island Lake Rec Area, August 11 4:00 pm.
Great Lakes Star Gaze, Gladwin, Sep 6-9
Astronomy on the Beach, Island Lake Picnic Grounds, Sept 14 & 15, 6:00-12:00

Break time
Next month snack, tbd

The Sky-at-a-Glance
Bill Girardin gave the report with Dave Holt supporting Sky Safari projection.

Club business:
Motion to cancel September meeting - passed
Next presentation: Gary Dietz, The Moon.

Previous Events
Dana Tousley reviewed scope condition from observing 07-07-18

Show and Tell
Dana Tousley displayed pictures taken in the past few months.

Adjournment: 9:15 p.m.

Next Meeting: August 12, Monthly OAC meeting – Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve 333 N Hill Circle, Rochester 7:00 pm

Sep 7-8 Dana Tousley 248.841.6528 (also weekend of Great Lakes Star Gaze)

Sep 14-15 no observing due to Astronomy on the Beach

Next Meeting: August 12, Monthly OAC meeting – Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve 333 N Hill Circle, Rochester 7:00 pm




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                                                              Physics & Astronomy

wsu planetarium  WSU is presenting FREE planetarium shows and astronomy lectures to the public and
   is now offering an undergrad BA degree in Astronomy, unique in Michigan.

  Admission to the planetarium is free, but RSVP is required due to limited seating.

  For details on the degree program, click HERE

  <=== For Schedule of Events and map, click on the image at left


             Amateur Astro Mag
This little-known quarterly publication offers lots of interesting technical, current info for readers.   It is available in either print or PDF formats (or a combo of both).  Rates are $24 p/yr for print or $18 for PDF.   

You can check out their website and get more info HERE.

For a FREE sample PDF back issue, write to the editor, Charlie Warren, and tell him you are a member of OAC to receive a link.




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Physics & Astronomy

3 steps O.U. Physics professor David Garfinkle has announced a new book of interest to the Club.

Three Steps to the Universe offers a compendium of astronomical info blended with unique insights into the scientific mind.    As an educator,  Dr. Garfinkle writes in a style suitable for students and amateur astronomers.

It is available from Amazon in hardcover for $17.15 (new) and used from $4.87.

<====Click on the book cover for details, purchase options and reader reviews.   Also available on Kindle.


                                                         COOL LINK THIS MONTH:

                                                                SPACE STORMS

    THE SUN's energetic storms can threaten Eath and go through periodic cycles of activity as seen in this NASA production.    Click the FULL SCREEN icon to enjoy the dramatic visuals.
  If the video panel does not appear below, click HERE to link directly to YouTube.   



  400 Years of the Telescope
For those who may have missed the PBS showing of this 60 minute documentary as part of the IYA, check out the website for more info and how
 to purchase the DVD.   http://www.pbs.org/soptv/400years/en/

         OAC is a 501(c)3 organization, so your gift may be tax-deductible !


                                       (CLUB PRMOTION)

Woven patches with the Club logo are available for only $3 bucks in two styles, button loop and stitch/iron on.
                                     SEE DAVE  HOLT TO GET 'EM



                    A Michigan Astronomer's Image                
              The North American Nebula, NGC7000
The North American Nebula is captured in a deep sky wide-field image by OAC member DANA TOUSLEY      alt="Photo North American Nebula">                                                                                            
Credit: Dana Tousley



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power on 2120







scientific co rke




scientific co rke




ploss1 multi coated




ploss1 multi coated




ploss1 multi coated




konig multi coated




konig multi coated



konig multi coated



R F T ER multi coated




MA multi coated




MA multi coated




OR multi coated




OR multi coated







2x Barlow 6ns 1&1/4”


precision slow motion adapter


filter and adapter


light yellow 8, yellow/green 11, yellow 12, orange 21, light red 23p,

red 25a, blue 80a, violet 47, green 58

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2018 Officers

President          Mark Jeffery      jefamily@wowway.com
Vice President  Bob Berta           biker123@att.net
Treasurer         Bill Girardin        bggirardin@sbcglobal.net
Secretary          Dana Tousley     danoid@ameritech.net

Newsletter       Tom Hagen       epsilonlyra@juno.com
Outreach/PR    Walter Fielek   wfielek@hotmail.com
Program           Bob Berta         biker123@att.net
Events              Dave Holt         dave_holt@yahoo.com



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Astronomy on the beach. Island Lake picnic grounds. 9/14-15/18.
Tom Hagen

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