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About Us

Here's a little nuts-and-bolts information about the club - how to contact us, who the officers are, and other good stuff.   

(If you're interested in becoming a member, click here. Thanks!)

Club Officers for 2021 

President: Gary Dietz 

Home: 248.425.5753


Vice President:  Dana Tousley


Secretary: Tom Croskey 


Treasurer:Bill Girardin 

Home: 248.853.5081


Community Outreach

If you would like the Oakland Astronomy Club to provide a presentation or observation opportunity at your event, please send an email to the Community Outreach Coordinator:     While events are provided at no charge...  donations to help defray club expenses are always gratefully accepted.


Anyone interested in astronomy is welcome to join the Oakland Astronomy Club. Membership dues are $35.00 per year. If you're interested in becoming a member, click here. You can either bring your $35 check to the next meeting, or send it to our Treasurer,

Bill Girardin at 600 Shelley Drive, Rochester Hills, Mi. 48307    



The Oakland Astronomy Club holds regular meetings at 7:00pm on the second Sunday of every month. The meetings are held at the Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve located at 333 Oak Hill Circle in Rochester. Check out our directions page for information on how to get there.

Observing Site

The Oakland Astronomy Club operates an observing site at Addison Oaks County Park, which is located on W. Romeo Road (about 5 miles North of Rochester, MI). The site is home to the club's 17.5 inch f/4.5 reflecting telescope. This site is normally open to the public twice a month, when the moon phase is conducive to deep sky observing. If you'd like to use the site or the 17.5" telescope, call the contact person shown on the Event Calendar. Check out our directions page for information on how to get there.

Web Site

We maintain our own web site to provide information to club members, the astronomy market on the internet, and to attract new members. It is updated periodically with current information. Stop back often!

Contact the webmaster ( if you:

  • experience any problems during your visit at our website
  • have any suggestions or comments for improvement
  • would like to add something to the website (...anything...)

For all other reasons contact the appropriate club officer.



Oakland Astronomy Club By-Laws


Sec. 1: The name of the organization shall be The Oakland Astronomy Club (Hereinafter referred to as OAC).

Sec. 2: The purpose of the OAC shall be to provide astronomical education, recreation, and research opportunities to the members and the public.

Sec. 3: OAC is organized and operated within the guidelines and exclusively for the purposes described in Section 501(C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Sec. 4: No commercial enterprise or candidate for public office shall be endorsed by the OAC. Neither the name of the organization nor the names of its officers in their official capacities shall be used in any connection, partisan, nor their sectarian interest.



Sec. 1: The regular meetings of the OAC shall be held monthly at a regular day and time and the location agreed upon at the beginning of the fiscal year. If a holiday occurs at the time of the regularly scheduled meeting of OAC the President shall set a meeting time.

Sec. 2: Special meetings of the OAC may be called at any time by President or by a majority of the officers.

Sec. 3: All meetings of the membership and the officers shall be open to the public. 



Sec. 1: Five (5) members, including two (2) officers shall constitute a quorum to carry on business at any meeting of the membership.



Sec. 1: Election of the officers shall be the first order of business at the last regularly scheduled meeting of the fiscal year meeting of the membership. Officers shall be elected from the membership. Term of office for all officers shall be one year. No person shall hold more than one office at a time.

Sec. 2: Officers shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Sec. 3: Election shall be by secret ballot except for unopposed positions, where election by acclamation may be allowed. Each member shall have one vote. A majority of those voting shall decide the election. Those elected shall assume office on the first day of the new fiscal year.

Sec. 4: In case of resignation or vacancy of one or more officers, a special election shall be called by the officers for the purpose of filling said vacancy or vacancies at the next regular scheduled meeting of the membership.



Sec. 1: The President shall conduct meetings and represent OAC to other bodies, public and private, as may be required. Any agreements made by the President on behalf of OAC are subject to the advice and consent of the membership. The President shall prepare the current meeting agenda at all meetings.

Sec. 2: The Vice President shall conduct meetings and represent OAC in the absence of the President. The Vice President shall coordinate publicity, both general and associated with classes and fund raisers, and carry all official correspondence for the OAC as requested by the officers. A file of all such correspondence shall be kept.

Sec. 3: The Secretary shall record and keep on file all minutes of meetings, and shall prepare and distribute copies of the previous meetings minutes. The Secretary shall keep on file all meetings minutes and reports of the officers to the membership. The Secretary shall be responsible for the timely publication and mailing of a monthly newsletter, at the expense of OAC.

Sec. 4: The Treasurer shall have fiduciary responsibility for OAC funds and assets and shall be responsible for the depositing of such funds. The Treasurer shall present a current report of the finances of OAC at each monthly meeting, and shall prepare other financial reports at the officers and required by relevant government agencies. The Treasurer shall also keep a quarterly updated list of the physical assets of OAC and their location. The Treasurer shall notify members of delinquent dues and give quarterly membership report.



Sec. 1: Those eligible for membership include those who subscribe to the purposes for which OAC is organized and to which it is dedicated.

Sec. 2: One becomes a member of OAC by applying for membership or by a majority vote of the officers. Membership dues shall be prorated quarterly.

Sec. 3: New members shall be announced at each meeting.

Sec. 4: Membership may be terminated in OAC for just cause, or for six or more months of inactivity or non-communication, or by a majority vote of the officers. 

Sec. 5: The President shall appoint liaisons or representatives to outside organizations as the need arises.



Sec. 1: OAC may be dissolved upon a 2/3 vote of the membership present at a meeting called for such purposes, as hereinafter set forth.

Sec. 2: Written notice of a meeting for the purpose of dissolution of OAC shall be given to each OAC members at least ten days prior to the proposed meeting, setting forth the day, time, place and purpose thereof.

Sec. 3: In the event of dissolution of OAC, all assets real and personal of OAC shall be distributed to such organiza

tions as are qualified as tax exempt under Section 501 (C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding provisions of a future United States Internal Revenue law.



Sec. 1: Roberts Rules of Order Revised shall govern the conduct of all business meetings of OAC, except where expressly provided.



Sec. 1: The fiscal year of OAC shall be the calendar year.

Sec. 2: The officers shall prepare, approve, and amend the budget for the OAC.

Sec. 3: Expenses of more than $ 100 not included in the yearly-approved budget must be approved by the officers.

Sec. 4: The signatories of the depositories of the OAC are the Treasurer and any other officer. Two signatures are required on any check.

Sec. 5: Annual dues for the membership shall be voted upon and due at the first meeting of the fiscal year.



Sec. 1: The officers shall arrange an appropriate financial report of the books of OAC.

Sec. 2: The officers may acquire the services of a certified public accountant at their discretion. The certified public accountant shall not be an officer of OAC.

Sec. 3: The annual financial report shall be available to the members and shall be kept on file.

Sec. 4: An official audit may be demanded by a 2/3 vote of the members present at any regularly scheduled meeting. 


Article XI: By-laws may be amended, revised, repealed or created by a 2/3 vote of the members present at any scheduled meeting, provided one month's prior written notice has been given each member.

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All information © Oakland Astronomy Club, Inc. unless otherwise noted.


All information © Oakland Astronomy Club, Inc. unless otherwise noted.