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Astronomy News

In the News This Month

Archived Programs to enjoy on a cloudy night!
Always worth a look! The McDonald Observatory telescope tour archives and the Space Telescope Institue Lecture Series Archives are a treasure trove of information. McDonald Archives can be found Here.   The STSCI lecture series can be found Here.

James Webb: a new era has dawned!
News about the impact of micrometeorites on the JWST mirrors can be found Here.
November Webb science news--about a 350 million year old galaxy!--can be found Here.
Did you see the awesome image of star formation in Taurus yet?   Astroimagers be jealous! Click Here.

Artemis-I has Launched!
The Artemis Era of lunar exploration has arrived with the November 16th early morning launch of the Space Launch System and Orion Capsule on this shakedown mission.
Twenty Four on-board Cameras will monitor every step of the way. Read the story Here.
Follow the entire journey of Artemis-I Here.

Was that an asteroid... or a Starlink satellite??
With over 3,000 low earth orbit satellites deployed, SpaceX is 10 percent of the way to its goal of 30,000 Starlink satellites. How will the Vera Rubin Observatory (first light in July 2024) achieve its goals amidst all the chaos in the night sky?   This executive summary from (note that the Vera Rubin Observatory was originally known as the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope) is distressing.   Read the Executive Summary Here.

November Astronomy Highlights:
November 6, STD time returns! Observers rejoice!
November 8, Syzygy in the early morning hours! (Perfect alignment of the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon.) Our next Total Lunar Eclipse will be March 14, 2025. Enjoy this one!
November 8, Uranus is at opposition: that is, Uranus and the Sun are the bookends and Earth is in the middle.
November 17-18, The Leonid Meteor Showers, remnants of the recurring (33.25 year orbit) comet Temple/Tuttle, which is due to return in 2031.

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