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Astronomy News

In The News This Month

Programs you will enjoy: Michigan's own Astronomy at the Beach LIVE (and on cloudy nights, observe via the Streamed Programs Archives from McDonald Observatory.)
We are looking forward to this year's in-person program at Island Lake Recreation Area on September 16th - 17th.   For the latest information on the 26th gathering of the largest FREE public astronomy program in Michigan, click Here.   To see archived McDonald Observatory programs click Here.

James Webb: a new era has dawned!
While we eagerly await the scientific insights that JWST will reveal, the images will have to do for now. And, WOW, are they fabulous! Keep up with the lastest images from JWST Here.   And, follow JWST's progress and plans at STSCI's Webb News Site.

Voyager 1 and 2: After 44 years, the Final Mission...
This August, NASA engineers will meet to discuss the possibility of shutting down scientific instruments to conserve power on the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft after 44 years of service. For the full story, read this short article from the Lunar and Planetary Institute about the Voyagers.

August 4th: Comet C/2017 K2 PanSTARSS is at its Brightest Tonight!
The tail of this 11-mile+ wide comet will not be a naked-eye treat.   The coma, 80,000+ miles wide, will be visible in small telescopes and its tail will be a treat for astrophotographers.   The comet, in Scorpius tonight, will be visible from the Northern hemisphere until September.   Coordinates and more can be found

August 14th: Saturn is at its Brightest Tonight!
Saturn is at "Opposition" tonight. Saturn, Earth, and the Sun are all aligned tonight. Saturn is at its closest point to Earth for the year, thus at its brightest as well. For a nice graphic explanation, check out In-the-Sky.

August 29th: Artemis I Launch Window Opens
It's been a long time coming! But NASA has published the launch window for Artemis I, the full fledged "dry run" of the Artemis Program--to the Moon and back! Read the story on NASA's Artemis Blog.   You will also find the status of the corollary mission Capstone, which is concurrently testing the proposed "Near Rectilinear Halo Orbit" for the Lunar support station known as "Gateway".

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