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Astronomy News

In the News January

Farewell to Insight!
December 21, After four years of monitoring seismic activity, the dusty environment of Mars has darkened yet another mission.   The NASA release can be found Here.

James Webb: a new era has dawned!
December 25, Happy Birthday, James Webb!   Can you believe that it was only one year ago that this Christmas present launched from the Guiana Space Centre in South America?   In continuing good news, the software glitch from early December 2022 has been resolved, and all science operations are again fully functional. Follow the successes of the JWST Here.

Artemis-I is being debriefed!
December 30, Artemis I returned to the Kennedy Space Center today.   The flight data and video footage from all of the onboard cameras will be reviewed carefully as the mission to the Moon moves forward.   The daily blog for Artemis milestones can be found Here.

Can you feel the warmth?
January 4, Earth is closer to the Sun today than on any other day of the year!   Not feeling warm?   Thank Earth's tilted axis (and our almost halfway-to-the-pole latitude) for these short winter days of indirect sunlight. Brrr!

What has Three Tails?
January 22, Comet C/2022 E3 ztf will demonstrate the optical illusion of a "third tail" tonight as Earth crosses the comet's orbital plane!   Find the full story on Spaceweather.

Close Shave!
January 26, Asteroid 2023 BU, just discovered just five days ago by an amateur astronomer, will pay a dramatically close visit to planet Earth today!   Find the full story at NASA.

A few January Observing Notes You Need to Know about!
January 3,   The Quadrantid meteor showers peak this evening; visibility improves in the early a.m. hours of the 4th as the nearly full Moon finally sets in the West.
January 20-23, Low on the Western horizon, Venus, Saturn, and the Moon put on quite the show!
January 23..., By 8pm, comet C/2022 E3 is easily visible in binoculars as it begins to peak to near-naked-eye-visible magnitudes!


On-Line Programs to enjoy on a cloudy night!
NEW! Awesome Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Image of Aristarchus Crater released Dec 1st, 2022 LROC.
The McDonald Observatory Archive of livestreams can be found Here.
Lowell Observatory's most recent livestreamed program can be found Here.
The STSCI lecture series archives can be found Here.

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