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The OAC Observing Site is at Addison Oaks County Park which is located off of W. Romeo Road (about 5 miles north of Rochester, MI).

If you need detailed directions to Addison Oaks, here's the Yahoo map to the park.

Once you get to the park, Yahoo isn't helpful anymore. The observing site is tucked away in a corner of a large field, accessable only by utility roads and trails. Tell the guard at the contact station that you're going back to the OAC observing site, you won't have to pay for park entry.

Here's a map of the trail back to the site - just follow the dots!

* Observing Nights are when the moonlight will not obscure dim objects. A senior club member has volunteered to be the key contact for the evening(s) listed. They will determine, based on weather conditions, which one of the two nights they will be at the observing site. You must call them to coordinate meeting at the observing site. If the skies are clear - the club member has agreed to be at the site as long as one or more people have contacted them.

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