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 Welcome to the Oakland Astronomy Club Website!
 Our Club Is Located in Oakland County, Michigan

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Club Meetings are in-person and Virtual!!

  (Virtual guests need a Zoom invitation. In-person guests are Always Welcome! Contact our club president Gary Dietz at  president AT and he'll send you an invite either way!     


 October's meeting will be on Sunday the 8th at 7:00pm.    Walter Fielek, guest presenter, speaks directly to those of us new to the night sky.   Walt notes that "Getting started in Observational Amateur Astronomy can be an intimidating endeavor, with a seemingly daunting learning curve.   With so many stars visible to the naked eye, organized into eighty-some odd constellations, -- plus new terms and concepts like 'Right Ascension & Declination', 'Altitude & Azimuth', 'Ecliptic & Celestial Equator', etc, there is all sorts of 'what-not' to learn!   Tonight's presentation, inspired by observing tips passed on from yesterday's stargazers to today's stargazers, provides a simplified framework by which to explore the night sky.   Starting with the brightest stars and a few circumpolar asterisms (ooh, circumpolar and asterisms--more new words!) Walt's presentation, cheekily titled M110-x (Your Messier Marathon Personal Trainer--the Getting Started Edition), will ease that daunting learning curve, and add to your confidence and enjoyment of the night sky."   Join us for what will surely be an informative and enjoyable presentation!  (To see last month's meeting highlights select the Club News tab.)

 There is a new feature in What's Up?    Be sure to visit "What's Up?" on the Observation Tab for the "Monthly Observer Guide" from veteran observer Dave Holt! The monthly download now includes importable files for SkySafari and Stellarium users!!     Also in Timely References you'll find "Citations" from recent presentations and more. Check it out!

 In the News This Month:    For Astronomy News Highlights, see October 2023.

 Public Observing Nights at Addison Oaks:   The sky is amazing when viewed through our 17½" Dob or our 14" SCT Telescope.    To be notified of viewing opportunities, send an email to: outreach AT

 Community Events:   Our Fall Season Programs are under way!    Check the (Event Calendar) for dates, times, and registration information for these family friendly presentations. 

 Beyond our Community:   Ordinary people using a cell phone or computer can be NASA Citizen Scientists! Many hands lighten the load! Volunteers contribute huge amounts of research assistance to NASA every day. Check out these opportunities for Citizen Scientists.  

Business Meeting:   All club meetings are open meetings. Business meetings are usually held on the Wednesday preceding the monthly meeting.    Email our club president for the business meeting link.


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Welcome! We hope your experience on our website is enjoyable and informative.  

Who are we? Well, apart from our mission statement below:

  • We are based in Southeast Michigan's Oakland County.
  • We operate a semi-dark sky observing site at Addison Oaks County Park, which is the home of the club's 17.5" dobsonian and 14" SCT telescopes.
  • We put on educational programs for local schools, parks, and other organizations, including Star Parties!
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  • Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Astronomy. You don't need to own optical equipment to join - everyone from complete beginners to grizzled veterans are most certainly welcome!
  • We have meetings at 7:00 PM on the second Sunday of every month except May, open to all interested parties, for the exchange of knowledge, information, and interesting discussions concering all aspects of Astronomy.  Meetings are held at the Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve in Rochester, Michigan. (Directions):    

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We all look forward to seeing you at the next club function!

Interested in becoming a member? Fill out the Membership Form to request more free information or contact us: (About Us):    

The Oakland Astronomy Club, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with the following registered purpose:
"To provide astronomical education through ownership and operation of facilities for the benefit of the general public, both youth and adult; to make available instructors for the conduct of seminars and class room education, which shall be available to other institutions of learning, public and private, as well as programs for the general public; to do research and study in the science of astronomy; to receive, administer and disburse funds for the furtherance of its educational purposes as well as for other charitable, philanthropic and scientific purposes for the public good and welfare and for no other purposes."

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